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From The Principal Desk


As concerned parents, you always want your child to get an education that lets him or her do better in life.

But for us, the phrase ‘to do better’ does not merely reflect the monetary success that a person achieves. It is also about doing better as an individual blesses with certain qualities unlike any other.

It is also doing better as a part of society, building it, shaping it, and changing it with one’s innovative ideas.

Therefore, what we strive for as an educator is to provide every child with ample windows of exploration, and vast arenas of knowledge where he or she may know better about whatever their heart desires – be it academics, arts, music, culture, or sports.

So that, when they leave this school and step into the world, their knowledge in the subject of their choice has been chiseled to that perfection that naturally helps them be better and the best.

The array of our past students who are today known names in the field of science, sports arts, medicine, etc. Only stands testimony to the fact, that our efforts have bore fruit in the right direction.

As Muriel Spark once remarked – To me, education is a leading out of what is already there in the pupil’s soul, as principal of this school, I hope we can bring out the brilliance that’s already seeded in each of our pupil’s souls.